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2002 Nominee

White Lily

By Ting-xing Ye. Published in 2000 by Doubleday

At her birth she was thought to be the purest among the pure and the finest among the best, like a precious flower; and so she was named White Lily. Her father could barely conceal his disappointment that the new baby was not a boy. And this would appear to be White Lily’s fate throughout her life, always to be second best to the males in her world as was the Chinese custom in those days.

At the age of four a brutal custom is inflicted upon White Lily which is meant to seal her fate in the world, but White Lily has her own plans and dreams for what her future should hold.

This is a story of how indomitable spirit and determination can win out over centuries of tradition.

Teachers, this is a great story to read aloud as it is wonderfully descriptive, not too long and of course makes a very important moral point, one that could lead to a wonderful class discussion.

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