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2018 Nominee

Vanished: True Tales of Mysterious Disappearances

By Elizabeth Macleod. Published in 2016 by Annick Press

No one loves a mystery more than Elizabeth MacLeod, author of the award-winning Bones Never Lie and Royal Murder. In her newest book, she presents six compelling stories about some of the world’s most bewildering disappearances.

Readers will be captivated by such true tales as the Alcatraz prison break, where three dangerous convicts engineered a daring escape. Did they live to see freedom, or did they perish in the icy waters surrounding the prison? And will anyone ever know what happened to the captain and crew of the SS Mary Celeste? In 1872, it set out from New York for Genoa, Italy, but everyone on board disappeared for no apparent reason.

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8 thoughts on “Vanished: True Tales of Mysterious Disappearances

  1. Hillhurst

    Vanished by: Zach Arif
    Vanished: True Tales of Mysterious Disappearances, is a great non-fiction book. It tells you about six different mysteries. The first mystery takes place in 1590 and is about a colony that completely disappeared. In this mystery, the governor of the colony had to leave to get more supplies. When he returned three years later he could barely find any trace of the people he had left behind, including his family. All he found was the name of an island carved onto a tree. The book then tells you possible theories of what happened and what we are doing today to solve this mystery. Then it goes on and tells you about five more mysteries.

    I think all ⅘ Gate students should read this book because it has really interesting mysteries. You will learn about missing ships and explorers, a room full of amber and gold that was never seen again, the famous escape of Alcatraz prisoners and valuable stolen art. It is also written in a suspenseful way and helps you understand different perspectives of the mystery. At the start of every disappearance, the author introduces the mystery by writing it like a story. This helps make the reader intrigued with the story. She then goes into detail about the facts of the mystery and all the possible theories. I also like how they included real pictures from the mystery because it helps you visualize the time period and the people involved in the mystery.

    I liked this book because I love reading books with mystery. I found this book interesting because all the mysterious disappearances happened in real life. I think the purpose of this book is achieved because it taught me about the different mysteries and the various solutions for each mystery. I like how this book can help you understand how different mysteries can have many possible solutions and can take a lot of hard work and specialized equipment and training to solve. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a mystery and wants to learn more about some of the most famous mysterious disappearances.

  2. wildwood

    I liked this book because l love learning new things. This book had lot’s of cool new things for me to learn. I also love learning about history and this book has A LOT of history in it.


  3. Hillhurst School

    Vanished is a very good book that makes the back of your hair stand up. It is a book that tells you about great disappearances and mysteries that have never been sold yet even to this day. Scientist and Historians are still wondering about what happened to the crew of the SS Mary Celeste, how it set for New York hundreds of years ago and the whole crew disappeared for no reason, and never found again. What about the three criminals not escaped from prison and never seen again? DId they die? They they get a makeover? What happened? This book by Elizabeth Macleod tells you all about it. From start to end, well not the complete end, because scientists haven’t figured the end out yet!
    Recommended for kids 9-13.

  4. hillhirst

    A review on Vanished

    It is amazing! It is just amazing! It’s a little creepy at times but mostly it’s an enjoyable book about people vanishing, so you can see where the creepiest comes in. I became very interested in the book. It’s just so wellengoy it.

  5. Springbank Middle School

    I liked how the author included many different events and made sure to cover each topic with a lot of detail. I liked how the author included other legends and facts that were related to the story. But I thought the layout seemed unorganized because there were unrelated things sort of in the middle of a paragraph. But overall I liked the style of writing the author used and I definitely learned something new. Jodeline


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