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2016 Nominee
Voted 7 out of 20

The Swallow: A Ghost Story

By Charis Cotter. Published in 2014 by Tundra

In 1960s Toronto, two girls retreat to their attics to escape the loneliness and isolation of their lives. Polly lives in a house bursting at the seams with people, while Rose is often left alone by her busy parents. Polly is a down-to-earth dreamer with a wild imagination and an obsession with ghosts; Rose is a quiet, ethereal waif with a sharp tongue. Despite their differences, both girls spend their days feeling invisible and seek solace in books and the cozy confines of their respective attics. But soon they discover they aren’t alone–they’re actually neighbors, sharing a wall.

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13 thoughts on “The Swallow: A Ghost Story

  1. captian nicola goddard

    This book was amazing I think personally, like all the books nomineed it ended in a endind that no one would expect. I have to admit that when I was suposed to be in bed sleeping I was reading this book instead. Also I think this is the best book and I would give it five stars!

  2. st. jerome

    I loved this book!. I never expected that the ending was unexpected I think u should make a book 2. The book caught my attention so I had to keep reading it. it was amazing! I rate it five stars

  3. St.Jerome

    What a twister! It just boggles the mind. Left me wanting more. I would love a sequel, just know this book would leave you asking questions.

  4. St. Jerome

    Extremely good book. If you want to read a ghost story, this is the one to read. I was so curious to read the rest, because the suspense made the book almost impossible to put down, until you finished it. I recommend for all people who like scary ghost stories.

  5. Ecole Agnes Davidson School

    The Swallow is an amazing book because its o thrilling, but at the same time its kind of sad, but for the most part, The Swallow is an amazing book and I think this mystery, ghost book and I think that The Swallow deserves 5 of 5 stars!

  6. Hillhurst School

    This book was EPIC! I had a great time reading it. The book got my attention just by the front cover. The book is full of mystery and expense. I would rate it a 5 of 5

    1. Hillhurst School

      This book was a unique book with a different style unlike most books it had a sad ending not a “and they lived happily ever after” I really enjoyed reading it. it drags you into it from the first page. it has tons of suspense. I highly recommend you read this book its great.

  7. Hillhurst School

    I think that this book was AWESOME. It was mysterious, sad, and creepy at the same time! I would love to read the next book.

  8. Hillhurst School

    I think that this book was mysterious, interesting, sad, and creepy all at the same time! I liked how the author used the POVs for the main characters. It was kind of confusing at the start, but in the end, it all wraps up into an awesome adventure!

  9. Hillhurst School

    I liked this book a lot and think that it should win the RMBA award. I kept reading it over and over. The cover alone is really nice, and it attracts attention. I really liked the swallow on the cover. I like the use of irony in the story because everybody thinks that Rose is a ghost, but in the end, Polly is the ghost. There is a lot of action, mystery ,and suspense in the book. When I read it, I felt like I was reading it in slow motion! I couldn’t stop reading! It was hard to put down. I really enjoyed reading The Swallow. I think it should win the award this year.


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