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2016 Nominee
Voted 5 out of 20

The Night Gardener

By Jonathan Auxier. Published in 2014 by Puffin

The Night Gardener follows two abandoned Irish siblings who travel to work as servants at a creepy, crumbling English manor house. But the house and its family are not quite what they seem. Soon the children are confronted by a mysterious spectre and an ancient curse that threatens their very lives. With Auxier’s exquisite command of language, The Night Gardener is a mesmerizing read and a classic in the making.

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12 thoughts on “The Night Gardener

  1. Captain Nichola Goddard

    I love this book, but i don’t think you should read it at night because it is a little scary. Also i think the author described the room and stuff a little too much. So i think he could have made it shorter then it would have been much better. I would rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.

  2. C.N.G.S

    The Night Gardener is an amazing book because they give’s so much description on how the characters act.

    One thing I think the author could have done different was make the font size bigger.

    You can see the characters inside your head it is dangerous and scary but exciting you can’t just put it down. It is like your in the book:)

  3. St.Jerome

    freaky spooky best one so far it was just amazing how the tree knew exactly what you wanted and that night Gardner perfectly described I definitely could not read this one in the dark

  4. Barnwell School

    This book was great. I liked it because it is a fantasy, with non human powers. It’s neat because the main character’s think the home they go to is where they should live, but it ends up they might die at that house. This book was full of adventure and a lot of real life things like bullying. This book was fantastic and I would love to have it in my home.

  5. Barnwell School

    i really loved this book, it really kept me interested through out all of it, I even loved the first paragraph. I also liked how the author was so descriptive and kept me on the edge of my seat.

  6. Barnwell School

    I think it is a great book to read if you like fantasy. I liked it because I felt like it could actually happen and because it was so detailed I could see the picture clearly in my mind.

  7. Barnwell School

    I really liked this book. It was my favourite book because it is very mysterious. You couldn’t do anything to this book to make it better. I love fantasy books like this book. I really enjoyed reading this book.

  8. Hillhurst School

    It captures you in the story and it makes you want to stop the Night Gardener. Alistair was very mean to Kip. He even threw Kip’s crutch in the river!

  9. Hillhurst School

    This story really hooked you in. The Night Gardener was like a slave to the tree. He collected the people who got something from the tree’s sweat and used that to water the tree. That was a little weird.


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