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2017 Nominee
Voted 4 out of 20

The Nest

By Kenneth Oppel. Published in 2015 by HarperCollins

Steve just wants to save his baby brother—but what will he lose in the bargain? This is a haunting gothic tale for fans of Coraline, from acclaimed author Kenneth Oppel (Silverwing, The Boundless) with illustrations from Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen.

For some kids summer is a sun-soaked season of fun. But for Steve, it’s just another season of worries. Worries about his sick newborn baby brother who is fighting to survive, worries about his parents who are struggling to cope, even worries about the wasp’s nest looming ominously from the eaves. So when a mysterious wasp queen invades his dreams, offering to “fix” the baby, Steve thinks his prayers have been answered.

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27 thoughts on “The Nest

    1. Agnes Davidson School

      this book was a really good book, i enjoyed reading it. It was really hard to stop reading, because there were some parts that you just want keep reading. There should seriously be a series of the book.

  1. General Stewart

    This is a VERY good book if you like books that give you goosebumps but you still want to read more.I like it because of the dreams! It gets a little scary close to the end. It doesn’t really have a happy ending, but its still a really really good book.

  2. General Stewart School

    The Nest is an interesting book that starts out with a lot of unanswered questions… what are these strange visitors, what is happening to the family? But as the story unfolds there because a surprising twist. There are a few scary parts, but in the end it is a beautiful story of love, acceptance of self and others.

  3. Westglen School

    I read “The Nest” by Kenneth Oppel, it was a very well written and interesting read. This book is very interesting and it was very hard to put it down. I love the way Kenneth wrote the book and the only thing that I would change is the length, I loved it so much but it was a pretty easy read and I finished it very quickly. I would easily give this book 5 stars. I would recommend it for grades 4-7 but especially people who like shorter chapter books. Overall this is one of my favorite books and you will probably enjoy reading it. –AJ

  4. Westglen school

    I would give this book a five star rating. I gave this book five stars because there was never a dull, there was always something happening, it was so exiting. I would recommend it to anyone that has a good vocabulary.

  5. westglen school

    I LOVE THE NEST it is a happy book at the end. it is also very good at times and it not happy at times I am 99% sure that it will win! #ForDaWin

  6. Grande Prairie Public Library

    It was a very good book! It makes you curious about what is real and what is not.vIt gave me goosebumps. I would deffinetly recommend this book!

  7. Grande prairie public library

    This book was really good in my opinion because how creepy it is. Since creepy books are good in my mind I give this book 10/10

  8. Grand Prairie public library

    It was so good it is awesome and at the beginning it’s just like a normal book but than it starts getting creepy and scary

  9. Grande Cache Municipal Library and Sonrise Christian School

    I think it was an awesome amazing book and I can connect to it a lot I like how it creates a lot of suspense at the end of each chapter for this book I rate it a 9.5 out of 10 and I think its a good book for ages 9+ but it was an amazing book and I think the should make a book series with that book

  10. Springbank Middle School

    This book was very good but a little on the creepy side because the bees wanted to eat the baby.

  11. Ecole Mallaig School

    I really like the book.It has a lot of action and Its interesting, It kept me hooked to the book and I want to read it again.

  12. Ecole Mallaig School

    it was greatly described and creepily written. I loved the idea and world it takes place in.

  13. Mallaig

    I really like this book because it has a lot of detail and action. I really hope Kenneth Opple wrote a series for this book. The writing in this book makes me feel like I’m in the book. My favourite part of the book was when he was in the dreams with the wasps. If I was Steve I would be freaked out and tell everyone. Mr.nobady was really creepy at first then helped Steve. I can’t believe the wasps would eat the baby. I love this book. If there were a series I would read all of them in one day. You better read this book then vote for it.

  14. Ecole Mallaig School

    Amazing imagery. I somehow managed to read the entire book despite my phobia of wasps. If you want a scare this is definitely the book to read.

  15. St. Jerome

    It is a really good book, it’s the type of book that scares you a little but the scare just makes you want to read, more.


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