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2018 Nominee

The Hill

By Karen Bass. Published in 2016 by Pajama Press

Jared’s plane has crashed in the Alberta wilderness, and Kyle is first on the scene. When Jared insists on hiking up the highest hill in search of cell phone reception, Kyle hesitates; his Cree grandmother has always forbidden him to go near it. There’s no stopping Jared, though, so Kyle reluctantly follows. After a night spent on the hilltop—with no cell service—the teens discover something odd: the plane has disappeared. Nothing in the forest surrounding them seems right. In fact, things seem very wrong. And worst of all, something is hunting them. Karen Bass, the multi-award-winning author of Graffiti Knight and Uncertain Soldier, brings her signature action-packed style to a chilling new subject: the Cree Witiko legend. Inspired by the real story of a remote plane crash and by the legends of her Cree friends and neighbors, Karen brings eerie life—or perhaps something other than life—to the northern Alberta landscape in The Hill.

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6 thoughts on “The Hill

  1. General Stewart School

    awesome x 10000! this book was awesome(aka the best)(aka probably gonna win) also my favourite book i ever read!

  2. Wildwood School

    I really enjoyed this book, It was very interesting.. My favorite Thing about this book was that it made me feel like the third person, as if I was watching it myself.
    I got very lost in the book, which was really surprising. It is hard for me to get stuck in a book for hours unless its got fantastic dialogue…which it surely has.
    When I finished the book I thought to myself , ” I wish there was more of it to read.”

    It showed me how people can change with just another perspective to show them what it’s like on the other side of the world. It seemed like a very true story while I could still tell that it was part fiction. I would definitely recommend this book.

  3. Hillhurst School

    I think your 2018 RMBA book The Hill, was very well written. When I was reading it, it seemed as if I was in the book as well. Every single page was filled with interest and I could never stop reading! Your word choice was also very good, and you chose the word that really describes what you’d actually be thinking if you were the main character; for example when Jared just got off the plane, the pain he was feeling was described really really well. It really teaches us that we need more cell phone signals! I really like how your writing style in this story,it has a lot of people don’t like blood and all that horror, but honestly it’s my favourite!

  4. Springbank Middle School

    It was an interesting tale, I have never read anything like it! I love how Karen Bass included actual legends into her story and I think she did a good job of making them come to life. I also love how she includes a very important lesson in her story and how she comes up with a believable plot. Overall I really enjoyed the book. Joceline


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