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2017 Nominee
Voted 16 out of 20

That Squeak

By Carolyn Beck. Published in 2015 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside

Joe and Jay were best friends. There was nothing more fun than spending the day exploring on their bikes. But things have changed now. Jay is gone and Joe can’t help but notice that his parents have forgotten that Jay’s bike is still parked outside the school. Joe decides to take the bike home – to polish it and paint it up just like Jay would have liked. That is when the new kid Carlos offers to help – but he probably just wants to steal it. Then again, maybe there is more to Carlos’s story than meets the eye. And maybe Joe has finally found a new friend to share the special place and the bike that has “that squeak” with.

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12 thoughts on “That Squeak

  1. Winfield Elementary

    I have read many of the books so far but this one is my favourite. My principal says it is a quiet book and I agree. That Squeak is sad but has a nice message.

  2. westglen school

    I like the way she wrote this book it had really good detail the picture were really good. I’d give this book a ⅘ , this book would be good for grade 4,5,6 I think that they would enjoy it the book. s.m

  3. Grande Prairie Public Library

    “That squeak” is a sad book but it delivers a good message, I like how the point of view was the thoughts of the character.

  4. Grande prairie public library

    It was such a sad book but was really good. Though it brought me down reading it, it got better by the power of FRIENDSHIP. So to put it simply I really liked the book.

  5. Hillhurst Elementary School

    WARNING: This review has some spoilers. So if haven’t read the book yet, I suggest to do so.

    This book is basically about this person (Joe) that lost a friend (Jay) , and he stumbles across this person called Carlos when he’s trying to fix the bike back. Joe thinks that Carlos is a bike thief, but they change when Carlos tells him something (which you have to find out yourself).

    I think the purpose might’ve not been achieved, because I don’t really know what the purpose is, and I think that there isn’t really a purpose that the author wanted, other than to have a good book to read, which I think the author kind of achieved in my opinion.

    There were some facts left out by the author, like most of the facts about Jay, like how Jay got killed, and his description. Some more facts that are left out was Joe’s backstory (the main character), Jay’s backstory and some of Carlo’s description. The illustrations make up for most of it though.

    I think that the vocabulary used by the author wasn’t done so some of the words were hard to understand for Gr. 4-6, since it was probably meant for that age group. There’s very few words that could be hard to understand (like conniving).

    I think that this is a mediocre book in my opinion, and some of the reasons were that the book summary kind of gave spoilers about the actual book, and that the book itself didn’t really catch my attention, because it didn’t feel like there was much suspense.

  6. Springbank Middle School

    This was a very sad story. I could picture the story in my head, so it was well-written.

  7. Ecole Malliag school

    i think this book was really good but sad mostly. Because how Joe bike got stolen and how carol was poor and he lives in a car . And the reason it was happy when Joe and jay had nick names for the bikes like fire cause his bike was red and jays was blue so like ice or something,

  8. Grande Cache Municipal Library & Sonrise Christian School

    Sad story about a boy loosing his friend. Made me feel sad.


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