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2016 Nominee
Voted 15 out of 20

Tastes Like Music

By Maria Birmingham. Published in 2104 by Owl Kids

An unparalleled tour of the hows and whys of these extraordinary human conditions, Tastes Like Music is accessible and playful. Each section presents an awe-inspiring snapshot of the biology behind one of 17 quirks, while short interviews with people affected by these conditions (including the author!) provide windows into real-life experiences. The book takes a balanced approach, highlighting the pros and cons of each condition and providing plenty of general facts about the human body.

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4 thoughts on “Tastes Like Music

  1. CNGS

    It really shows me the problems and advantages only some people in the world have today and I don’t believe you cant smell a thing wow

  2. Chauvin Municipal Library

    I liked this book. It wasn’t what I had thought it would be like, but I learned a lot.

  3. Chauvin Municipal Library

    I thought this book was very informational! I would definitely read this book more than once. It would be a very good book for kids who want to learn a little bit more about syndromes. I would read another book by this author. This author is AWESOME! Thank you (:


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