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2001 Nominee
Voted 1 out of 20


By Kenneth Oppel. Published in 1999 by HarperCollins

Shade’s back in this sequel to Silverwing. The young bat continues the search for his father and the secret of the mysterious human building that contains a vast forest and an unlimited food supply. What is the deadly secret of this bat paradise?

This superb sequel continues Shade’s quest to find his father in a fantasy world in which good confronts evil. Shade, Marina, Ariel and Frieda soon find the human bat paradise is not what it seems. In an escape attempt they discover that the building also contains many enemy owls. Then they discover that the seemingly benevolent humans are attaching explosives to owls and bats, and using the creatures to bomb enemy cities.

Shade and Marina are swept up on a perilous journey that takes them to the far southern jungle. There they are once again forced into conflict with Goth, now king of all the Vampyrum Spectrum. Where cannibal bats with metre long wingspans exist. Bats, owls and rats must learn to work together to defeat Goth and his dreadful army.

Shade leads his multi-species army in a fast paced adventure against Goth who is attempting to harness the dark powers of Cama Zotz to create eternal night. Shade also finally rescues his father who is being held prisoner by Goth.

Those who have already read Silverwing will love the continuation of this terrific fantasy action adventure. Sunwing stands by itself, but young readers will undoubtedly want to read both parts of this exciting story.

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