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2016 Nominee
Voted 19 out of 20

Secrets Underground

By Elizabeth MacLeod. Published in 2014 by Annick Press

Discover: the Civil War secrets carefully concealed in Organ Cave, West Virginia the top-secret equipment that lies deep below Grand Central Terminal in New York City the network of tunnels in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, that once hid victims of persecution — and illegal liquor transported by notorious Chicago gangsters how the Aztec city Tenochtitlan, the largest and most powerful city of its time in what is now North America, nearly disappeared without a trace the abandoned ships buried beneath San Francisco that reveal the city’s history as a top destination for fortune seekers during the Gold Rush the nuclear shelter the U.S. government kept hidden for decades underneath an exclusive resort in West Virginia called The Greenbrier.

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2 thoughts on “Secrets Underground

  1. Captain Nichola Goddard

    This book was awesome because I liked how this book had a ton of facts about the secrets underground. It told me a lot about history and the underground railway etc…
    It told how cruel the people were to others a long time ago.

  2. Chauvin Municipal Library

    I took this book out because I thought it was all about the underground railroad. It was more about other secret underground places around the world. I was really excited to learn about the Moose Jaw Tunnels. I want to go see them now.


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