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2016 Nominee
Voted 1 out of 20

Rocket Blues

By David Skuy. Published in 2014 by Scholastic

Bryan Rockwood (aka “Rocket”) is faced with the unthinkable: being cut from the Huskies — the AAA hockey team he has played on for three years. With no other teams interested in him, Bryan reluctantly joins a AA team, the Blues, at his best friend Maddy’s insistence.

Things only get worse when Rocket sees that the Blues don’t take hockey seriously. Facing the Huskies in the round robin will give Rocket the chance to prove his skills, but in order to keep his hockey dreams (and his friends) Rocket will have to realize that while hockey is his passion, it is not his entire life.

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16 thoughts on “Rocket Blues

  1. Captain Nichola Goddard School

    I think that this book is a good book because it shows to never give up on your passion and keep going no matter what. In this book rocket is telling the readers to never give up on your passion.

  2. Captain Nichola Goddard

    I thought this book was awesome because I like hockey and I thought this book taught the lesson to never give up. I liked the passion that the character had for what he liked. I found the next book and got it. I am going to read it. I hope it is as good as Rocket Blues.

  3. Captain Nichola Goddard

    This book was awesome because it was straight forward and it really wasn’t a bad book.
    The author could have not gave away 99% of the book.
    Besides that it is a good book.

  4. NSCS

    I despised hockey before reading this book. Everyone at school knew that. But after I read it, everyone knew that I suddenly LOVED hockey. I’ve been reading a bunch more hockey books and am getting WAY better at floor hockey. I am totally voting for this book because it taught me to never, ever give up and made me actually love hockey.

  5. Hiilhurst

    Best book ever. This book inspired me to never give up on my passion (basketball no matter what happens. It is such an awesome book. everybody who has a passion that they are really passionate for should read this book.

    1. NSCS

      4 words. BEST PASSIONATE BOOK EVER!!! It was so good. I smiled after every passionate scene. I don’t even remember how many times I smiled while reading this book. It was just…I am speechless. I can’t describe this book with any words (other than best and passionate, which I’ve already used). It was just too good.

  6. Hillhurst School

    It was awesome. I’m sure all athletes can relate to this story. I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars.


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