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2015 Nominee
Voted 5 out of 20

Road to Afghanistan

By Linda Granfield. Published in 2013 by North Winds Press

A young soldier just returned from Afghanistan has many memories: the beauty of the mountains and wildflowers, the colours of land and sky . . . but also the tragedy that war has brought to that ravaged country and those who fought there.

Memories shift to another soldier in the family — great-grandfather’s years in the trenches during WWI, and then grandfather’s tour of duty during WWII. The young soldier also remembers those who did not return alive, but travelled home along the Highway of Heroes, honoured by silent observers.

In this timely new book aimed at a younger audience than most, award-winning author and noted war historian Linda Granfield delivers a moving and honest portrayal of military service. Complemented by poignant, evocative artwork by acclaimed illustrator Brian Deines, this book is sure to provide insight and to inspire pride in families all across Canada.


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3 thoughts on “Road to Afghanistan

  1. Nicholas Sheran

    this book was really sad and it was all abut war they used good describing words but it almost made me cry it made you think you were in the war and the book the person how made the book probably put a lot of heart into this book and just reading the book it almost makes you think that it happened to the writer and the illustrator I am just warning you this book is so sad it make even make you cry just being a friend it mitt fell like it happened to you have a nice time reading the book.

  2. Ecole Montrose school

    I thought this book was very heart warming inside. Also I am very thankful to have people care about their country and their people.

  3. Hillhurst School

    My name is Christopher and I’m reviewing a book called The Road To Afghanistan by Linda Granfield and Brian Deines .
    It is a book about how Canadians helped Afghanistan become a more safe and secure place .
    This book is about how a canadian soldier returned from the war in afghanistan and he those to be a soldier when he knew the dangers of becoming a military personnel when his grandfather was in the army to serve in world war one and came out with one arm missing and couldn’t do farm work like he was intended to do so became a grocer. His son served in world war two and his son served in the afghans.
    I’ve been there and seen the beauty of its mountains and its fields of wildflowers.
    I’ve also seen the ugliness that war can bring to a country and to its people. I was a soldier there for two tours of duty, but now i’m home. This quote is representative for afghan and canadian soldiers
    This is recommended for ages 3 and up it’s a excellent for young readers and good for a story book for kids


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