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2008 Nominees

Place (out of 20) Book Title Author Publisher
1  Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates of the Arctic  Sean Cullen
2  I Am a Taxi  Deborah Ellis
3  Hiding Edith  Kathy Kacer
4  I Found a Dead Bird  Jan Thornhill
5  I’ll Sing You One-O  Nan Gregory
6  Sea Stars: Saltwater Poems  Avis Harley
7  Ryan and Jimmy and the Well in Africa  Herb Shoveller
8  Domenic’s War  Curtis Parkinson
9  Tabasco, The Saucy Raccoon  Lyn Hancock
10  Dogstar  Beverley Wood
11  Ice Time: Story of Hockey  Michael McKinley
12  The Birdman  Veronika Charles
13  Johnny Kellock Died Today  Hadley Dyer
14  Barry, Boyhound  Andy Spearman
15  Science Detectives  YES Mag
16  Lost Treasures  Larry Verstraete
17  Magnifico  Victoria Miles
18  When God Made the Dakotas  Tim Kessler
19  Odd Man Out Sarah Ellis
20  Amazing Animal Adventure in Rivers  Brian Keating