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2001 Nominees

Place (out of 20) Book Title Author Publisher
1  Sunwing  Ken Oppel
 Clay Ladies  Michael Beddard
 How Can a Brilliant Detective Shine in the Dark  Linda Bailey
 Kit: The Adventures of a Raccoon  Shirley Woods
 The Nose From Jupiter  Richard Scrimger
 The Other Author Arthur  Sheree Fitch
 The Prince of Tarn  Hazel Hutchins
 War of the Eagles  Eric Walters
 When the Night Eats the Moon  Joanne Findon
 52 Days by Camel  Lawrie Raskin and Debora Pearson
 Animals Eat the Weirdest Things  Diane Swanson
 Barnyard Beistiary  David Bouchard
 Truck to the North  Andy Turnbull and Debora Pearson
 The Last Safe House  Barbara Greenwood
 Secret of the Mummies  Shelley Tanaka
 Shooting Hoops and Skating Loops: Great inventions in Sports  Alana Hegedus and Kaitlin Rainey
 The Tempest for Kids  Lois Burdett
 Too Young to Fight: Memories From Our Youth During World War II  Priscillia Galloway
 WOW Canada: Explaining This Land from Coast to Coast  Viven Bowers
 Being with Henry  Martha Brooks