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2005 Nominee
Voted 1 out of 20

Ned Mouse Breaks Away

By Tim Wynne-Jones. Published in 2003 by Groundwood

Did you ever wonder how a mouse would escape from jail? So did award winning author Tim Wynne-Jones, and he wrote a book about it. It is wacky, zany and off-the-wall. To tell you how Ned Mouse escapes using the mail would give the story away, but everyone lives happily ever after, not without some crazy adventures.

You have to jump into this title with all your imagination and fancy, or you will miss the silliness of Mr. Wynne-Jones and his tongue-in-cheek writing style. No matter how you approach this book it will make you want to ask lots of questions and gets readers (young and old) all excited (you either love it or you don’t).

Dušan Petrišcic’s pen and wash illustrations of Ned Mouse in his adventure capture the whimsy of the tale, adding to the fun of the story.


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