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2018 Nominee

Monster Science: Could Monsters Survive and Thrive in the Real World

By Helaine Becker and Phil McAndrew. Published in 2016 by Kids Can Press

In a completely original approach to exploring science, award-winning author Helaine Becker places six different kinds of monsters – Frankenstein, vampires, bigfoot, zombies, werewolves and sea monsters – under her microscope to expose the proven scientific principles behind the legends.

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4 thoughts on “Monster Science: Could Monsters Survive and Thrive in the Real World

  1. St. Jerome Elementary School

    Loved the book, especialy the part about zombies. The part with vampires was really scary and cool too
    I learned that lots of myths are going around about sea monsters.

  2. Hillhurst shool

    This book is about if monsters really could survive and thrive in the real world. they probably could. I think other people should read this book because they talk about monsters and Science in a really fun way unlike other books. They put a lot of Really detailed drawings in it They put enough information but not too much information about it There’s a little bit of sarcasm in it for example: There is a really detailed drawing for sea monster( but there’s not actually very much just the tail.) The book is really good. It has 6 monsters to talk about. There is the vampire, Frankenstein, Bigfoot, zombie, werewolf and sea monster. They’re all described really well. It talks about electricity and how the Frankenstein became so mean and aggressive. It talks about how Bigfoots are also called Sasquatches and they’re related to a gazillion other things. It even has a description of where the Vampire comes from. It has a diagram of each monster. It even talks about peas like the plant species. It’s really good because it has a bunch of really cool monsters in it and the book teaches you a lot about science.

  3. Hillhurst school

    Monster Science is a great, in-depth book, with 6 different monsters that are being focused on. In this book, Helaine Becker and Phil McAndrew tell you about different kinds of monsters and how they could live in the wild.

    The purpose of this book has definitely been achieved. It is very in depth, telling you all you need to know about each of the topics: Frankenstein, vampires, bigfoot, zombies, werewolves and sea monsters. In the end, I was more convinced that monsters existed than during the beginning. This book looks at if, how, and why monsters could really be able to survive on earth in the modern day. This book helps us look at both sides of the argument “Do monsters exist?”. It obviously raises a discussion, being about monsters, and they do a very good job at making each side of the argument with equal amounts of information, with no obvious sides being taken.

    I don’t think that they have omitted any obvious information, even though it may be tempting to, in order to prove a point. They have used data from scientists, eyewitnesses, and also their own opinion, backed up with strong evidence all throughout the book. The data is straightforward, and easy to understand, making sure that you know what they are trying to say, and so that it is not misinterpreted. Their writing style is clear, effective, and witty, with a vivid vocabulary and comments posted throughout the book. I still may not be convinced that monsters are real, but they have lots of points that are quite convincing. This book is probably the best book I have read and I think that it is very good. Finally, they have quizzes at the end of each chapter that help you remember everything that they have said.

    Overall, The purpose of the book has been achieved, It helps understand why and how monsters can live in the wild, It raises a topic for discussion, it has good points on both sides, no obvious facts have been omitted, they use their own opinion, eyewitness accounts, and scientist reviews in the book. The data couldn’t have been interpreted differently, the writing style is clear, the book is convincing, and the book is superior to others about the same thing. It is a very good book, and I recommend it to other readers from ages 8-12.

  4. hillhirst

    A review on monsters Science
    monsters Science is an interesting book because it smashis fantasy and reality together and it work really well. I enjoyed every second. And if you’re interested in the stuff you’ll find your right at home.


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