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2015 Nominee
Voted 15 out of 20

Metro Dogs of Moscow

By Rachelle Delaney. Published in 2013 by Puffin

JR (short for Jack Russell) is an embassy dog. His human, George, works in embassies around the world and so they both travel. A lot. Now George is working at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow. While George loves the globetrotting life, he doesn’t think JR needs any more excitement than hanging out at the park with the other embassy dogs.

JR, however, has had quite enough of leashes and perfectly manicured parks—not to mention the boring embassy dogs. Inspired by seeing a stray dog steal a coil of sausages, JR sneaks out of his apartment to do a little exploring on his own and soon meets up with the wily stray and some of his friends. This is the life: amazing city smells! Mouth watering stuffed potatoes! And best of all, the freedom to travel on the Moscow subway.

But then JR’s new friends mysteriously start to disappear. When an embassy dog goes missing as well, JR knows he must use everything he’s learned about his new home to solve the mystery of Moscow’s missing dogs.

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8 thoughts on “Metro Dogs of Moscow

  1. NSCS

    I loved this book. It was really interesting. I couldn’t stop reading and it kept making me want to read more of it. I would recommend this to a friend. It was really funny and the author came up with great names.

  2. Chauvin Mun. Library

    I loved how this novel was written from the dog’s point of view. It was super exciting.

  3. Hillhurst School

    Metro dogs of Moscow is about a dog named JR (Jack Russell) and his owner George, (Canadian embassy) who move to Moscow because of George’s nickname “Globetrotting George” which makes him think he must travel around the world. On JR’s first day in Moscow JR meets a stray stealing meat from a corner store and finds that the stray he met felt pity on him. JR meets other dogs at a local dog park, named Pie, Robert, and Beatrix, whose owners are also embassy workers. JR decides to go outside and explore Moscow by himself. Just then he found the strays again and becomes their “friend”. Suddenly dogs and strays start disappearing all over the town but JR decides to investigate when his friend Pie is stolen. During JR’s trip George found a new girlfriend named Katerina who is a fashion stylist. JR soon finds out a man named Filip Filipov is behind the dognappings and Katerina is working for him! The final straw was when Katerina tried to steal JR but accidentally dropped an address to where Filip’s “show” was. The strays and JR found out what the address meant and he and the strays raided the show and reconnected Pie with his owner and the dogs found the kidnapped strays.

    My thesis statement is that this book should get the RMBA award because every once in a while there is a good book that becomes different and takes a perspective of an animal, alien or anything other than a human which is usually very unique and exciting. I think that evidence to this is every single part of the book is important to the next so the book pulls you in until the book is done. Another very good example I think of, is that the characters aren’t piled on you and they are introduced in high significance during the story and that is what makes a good interesting story which is why this book should win the award.

    The reason why I have my thesis statement is because I think that Metro Dogs of Moscow is one very interesting book and should win the RMBA book award of 2014. I think you should read this book because the suspense is just right and the character introduction is good with lots of excitement.

  4. Hillhurst School

    RMBA Metro Dogs of Moscow
    Book Review 1 Author: Rachelle Delaney

    For my third Rocky Mountain Book Award assignment I chose to review the book Metro Dogs of Moscow. The main characters in the book were a Jack Russell Terrier named JR and his owner, George. George works with the Canadian Embassy and is currently stationed in Russia. He’s also kind of a reckless person. When George leaves his new apartment late at night, JR goes exploring. Throughout JR’s adventures, he discovers that stray dogs start to go missing, and soon almost every stray in Russia is gone. With JR’s help, the remaining Russian dogs decide to take action, looking for the other strays.
    I really enjoyed reading this book; I thought it was very interesting and well written, so I decided to vote for it to win the Rocky Mountain Book Award.
    This book was full of suspense and greatly attracted my attention. For example, every night when JR went out to explore the same things every day of the week, you would probably think he would eventually meet some other dog (which he did). But you wouldn’t expect him to meet stray dogs every night and then for these same dogs to go missing every day. The book felt very realistic because of the atmosphere similarities to real life in Russia. This was shown by example throughout the book such as the description of many stray dogs in Russia.
    I really liked the way the author would fully change perspectives in the book. One paragraph would be about George thinking of what restaurant to go to. Then the next would be about who JR should meet up with and when, from the perspective of the dog, of course.
    To conclude my book review, I highly recommend this book for all ages and if you disagree with my thoughts please let me know. This book is very well written and I think it deserves to win the Rocky Mountain Book Award.


  5. Hillhurst

    The book Metro Dogs of Moscow is about a dog named JR (Jack Russell) and his human George. George works for embassies around the world and so he travels a lot. Now George is working in Moscow. JR is sick of having to wear leashes and going to perfectly manicured parks. When he sees a stray dog steal a coil of sausages, JR sneaks out of his apartment and soon meets up with the stray and some of his friends. JR loves it there in Moscow, Stuffed potatoes, and best of all, freedom to travel on the subway! But suddenly, JR’s friends start to disappear. When an embassy dog disappear too, JR knows he must save his friends. With a bunch of friends on his side, JR finds out about the dognapping. When his human’s girlfriend accidently leaves a note telling where the dognapper’s show is, JR goes into action. He finds the place where the dognapper is keeping all his friends, JR is not suprised to find a lot more dogs. JR frees his friends and other dogs and they escape.
    I think this book should get an RMBA award because many books are written in the perspective of a human and not an animal, alien or something else besides human. So this book is really exiting and unique. This book had you pulled in until the book is done. It gives you the feeling to not put the book down.
    I think Metro dogs of Moscow is a very interesting book and I think you read it.


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