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2010 Nominee
Voted 4 out of 20

Inside Hockey

By Keltie Thomas. Published in 2008 by Maple Tree

Keltie Thomas, author of the best-selling How Sports Work series, introduces us to the wild side of professional hockey past and present. Humorously illustrated and accompanied by exciting photographs, Inside Hockey explores the facts, adventures, and one-of-a-kind anecdotes that continue to make hockey one of North America’s most popular sports.

This highly energetic book gives kids an inside look at the facts about male and female hockey superstars, inventions, rules that changed the game, and some of the dazzling science behind the sport. Perfect for diehard hockey fans and those new to the game, Inside Hockey has something for everyone. Readers of all ages will discover the stories behind the greatest goal scorers, crazy goalies, practical jokers and hijinks, superstitions, the most ferocious fights, players overcoming obstacles, and the obsession with that Cup called Stanley.

In what other sport could you find a player who would rather fight than score, and one who used to sleep in his uniform so he wouldn’t miss a second of ice time in the morning? Or a goalie who sewed an elastic mesh net (like a spider web) between his legs to catch the puck, and one who talked to the goalposts like they were his old friends? With insider information about the game and behind the scenes profiles on players and their incredible experiences, Hockey Night will never look the same way again.

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