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2017 Nominee
Voted 20 out of 20

Galloping Through History

By Elizabeth MacLeod. Published in 2014 by Annick Press

From the time people first rode horses, these amazing creatures have changed the way humans live, travel, fight, work, and play. In her captivating, storytelling style, author Elizabeth MacLeod brings to life six of the most exciting examples of how horses have influenced the course of civilization.

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4 thoughts on “Galloping Through History

  1. Westglen School

    My second book for this review is called, Galloping through history. This is a non fiction book full of stories of horses. My personal story in this was Alexzander the Great. (The first one) I liked this one because it was really interesting and quite cool. What happens is there is a horse named Bucephalus, this is a wild horse that is tamed by a small child and is made the king’s horse they work together to defeat enemies in war time. This book shows how different people from different times and years used horses and how they were very important. Out of 10 I rate this a 8 out of 10! It’s a really good book. In this book I learned more about horses and how they are important and how they have shaped humanity in so many ways. Some information I got from the book would have to be that horses in all shapes and sizes are used the most while mules donkeys, etc. are used for hauling and other farm purposes.

  2. westglen school

    I thought t was interesting and fun finding out horses are an important part of are history, I would recommend this to people who like horses

  3. Westglen School

    I thought it was it was interesting i didn’t know horses changed history and that they where and important pert of history if you wanna learn more about history and horses this is the book is for you.i thought t was amazing to learn all this


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