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2014 Nominee
Voted 6 out of 20 (tied)

Friends with Boys

By Faith Erin Hicks. Published in 2012 by First Second

After years of homeschooling, Maggie is starting high school. It’s pretty terrifying.  Maggie’s big brothers are there to watch her back, but ever since Mom left it just hasn’t been the same. Besides her brothers, Maggie’s never had any real friends before. Lucy and Alistair don’t have lots of friends either. But they eat lunch with her at school and bring her along on their small-town adventures.

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7 thoughts on “Friends with Boys

  1. Enchant school

    I think this book was the best one to read because I have friends that are boys too. And i do know how she feels when her brothers tell her not to hang out with the boys she hangs out with.

  2. Bawlf School

    Graphic novel about a young girl who becomes haunted by a ghost. Adequate illustrations and unexciting plot!

  3. Noble Central School

    i think that if you are reading it you need to be very focused.i thought it was very interesting and you need a lot of imagination for this book.

  4. Stratford

    I think this book was really good and even better….. It was a graphic novel!!!! The only thing I didn’t like was the swearing…. This book should totally win gold!!!

  5. Stratford School

    I would like to say that this book has a lot of imagination. I personally found it very interesting and juicy. I say that this book should get a prize.


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