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2018 Nominee


By Arthur Slade. Published in 2016 by HarperCollins

Isabelle and Beatrice are twins born near Lethbridge, AB, in 1913. Only a few years later, in 1926, their life has changed dramatically. Both of their parents have died, their home has burned to the ground, and the girls are in Santa Monica, CA, living as the wards of Mr. Cecil, an up-and-coming director of movies, or flickers as they were known at the time. Although they are twins, the two girls couldn’t be more different. Isabelle is pretty and has become a film star thanks to Mr. Cecil’s tutelage. She has only starred in silent films to date, but she is soon to have a role in the very first talking picture to hit movie screens. Her biggest asset is a piercing and powerful scream – and soon it will actually be heard by theatre audiences. Beatrice, on the other hand, was badly scarred as a baby and spends her time in seclusion at the Cecil estate, absorbed in science books and an insect collection and not being included in any of the Hollywood activities. This gives her time to think, and more and more she begins to wonder about what happened to her and her twin as infants and the role Mr. Cecil has played in their lives and in various other disturbing coincidences at the estate in Santa Monica. He isn’t always the caring guardian he portrays, and his upcoming movie begins to take on a chilling, even evil, quality which Beatrice senses but cannot quite explain.

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8 thoughts on “Flickers

    1. wildwood

      i think this book was difficult to understand because almost every single chapter had a new problem. but still this book was my favorite book.

  1. St.Jerome School

    This book was amazing!!!!!I loved all the plots and twists! I never expected them! Arthur Slade (the author) thought of side elements that perfectly tied into the story.I don’t know what to vote for!I am tied between the Inn between and flickers! I rate both of them a 5 star.

  2. Wildwood School

    Flickers is a great book. In a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a 10. I’d definitely recommend this to others. Really a suspense story, a big page turner. Whoever is reading this comment, read this book.NOW!!!!. It’s pretty neat.

  3. wildwood

    Flickers by Arthur Slade book was my favorite book because I loved how there were so many problems that the readers had to figure how to solve them. On a scale of one to ten i would chose ten because i think this book was very interesting. i liked the part were Beatrice and Ralph were investigating Mr. Cecil’s office area when Beatrice noticed a jar of hornets.


  4. Wildwood school

    I really liked the book Flickers by Arthur Slade because it had a lot if action and it was a different type of book. It was different because there was not like a murder but an incident which started it all. There was a monster that was half human (Mr. Cecil) which made the book different from there action books which are usually about murder or suicide. The frankenstein movie was what started all the phenomenon, I would encourage others to read it to.

  5. Springbank Middle School

    I thought it was a very different story from the many I have read. I thought it was a very creative concept and after reading it I had to sit down and think for a while. Reading it gave me chills and I couldn’t stop reading! It was a great book and I would like to read more books like it. Joceline


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