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2018 Nominee

The Ferryland Visitor: A Mysterious Tale

By Charis Cotter. Published in 2016 by Running the Goat

In the 1970s, artist Gerald Squires moved, with his wife and two young daughters, into the abandoned lighthouse keeper’s house in Ferryland, Newfoundland. Shortly after their arrival, they had a visitor – one who claimed to be the former constable of the area and who regaled them with stories of the place and its previous occupants. A visitor, they soon learned, who was more than he appeared to be. / Acclaimed children’s writer Charis Cotter tells the tale of this mysterious visitor from the perspective of Esther, the youngest daughter. In beautifully crafted language, Cotter captures the delight of a curious young girl discovering her new landscape, the excitement of living in a lighthouse at the edge of the ocean, and the haunting mystery of the visitor himself. / Renowned artist Gerald Squires has contributed paintings and drawings of the lighthouse and its surrounding landscape, as well as family photographs taken during the lighthouse years. / The result is a book of striking beauty – part family album, part art book, all mystery

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3 thoughts on “The Ferryland Visitor: A Mysterious Tale

  1. Springbank Middle School

    I think that this book was beautifully illustrated and very well written. I loved the plot and even though it was a short book I was intrigued all the while. I think the author is a very skilled storyteller and I would like to read more of Chris Cotter’s books. Joceline


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