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2017 Nominee
Voted 14 out of 20

Faster Higher Smarter

By Simon Shapiro. Published in 2016 by Annick

From swimming, soccer, and basketball to skateboarding and wheelchair sports, Faster, Higher, Smarter looks at the hard science behind many inventions and improvements in sports. Readers will find out how the introduction of the aluminum bat changed baseball; how a slapshot works, and what’s involved in bending a ball like Beckham. It also covers the history of such milestones as the introduction of diversity, disabled athletes, and women in sport.

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4 thoughts on “Faster Higher Smarter

  1. westglen wildcats

    i’d give this book 3 stars because the book was just about sports records and sports inventions and I like sports.

  2. Westglen School

    I would give this book a 5 star rating because it was about sports and it gave you a lot of tips on getting better at sports. I would recommend this book for people who like to learn about sports and people who like sports. The part of the book that I liked was the part where they talked about basketball


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