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2014 Nominee
Voted 1 out of 20

Cat’s Cradle: Book 1 The Golden Twine

By Jo Rioux. Published in 2012 by Kids Can Press

Meet Suri: a young, orphaned girl living not-so-secretly in a travelling caravan. Through the surreptitious cooperation of the merchants who found her, Suri evades the ever watchful eye of the caravan’s owner, Leon, who is desperate to get rid of the unwanted stowaway. Yet despite her unfortunate circumstances, Suri remains resolute in pursuing her dreams of becoming a monster tamer. Forgoing her mundane duties in the bakery, Suri ekes out a living by charging children for her stories, grand tales about monsters attempting to enter the valley of Galatea through a rift in the mountains called the Monsters’ Cradle.

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9 thoughts on “Cat’s Cradle: Book 1 The Golden Twine

  1. Stratford

    This book was great and was very intriguing making me want to read the next. It only explained basic concepts of this imaginary world, and that something’s being planned by the cats with the golden twine.

  2. Chauvin

    This book was wonderful! I loved it so much I almost cried tears of joy! It was almost the best book I have ever read and I would love to read another book by this author.

  3. Stratford

    This book was my favorite book it as action and mystery this is a really exciting book with the golden twine

  4. Chauvin

    I liked that it was mysterious and some parts funny and how the one family looked like a real family.

  5. Hawkwood

    This book was great, yet I thought other books were a bit better, like between heaven and earth, at least that was a chapter book. This was way to short, didn’t explain a lot and the concept for this first book was way to general. Even though I want to read the next book, I don’t think I’m going to come back to this until a few years. My favourite books are ones with cliffhangers, yet not to much of a cliffhanger so I don’t have to get giddy with excitement for the next book, witch might take another year to be published. other wise, this was a VERY good book.

  6. St. Jerome

    The graphics in the book were amazing. They described how the feelings were in the story. I could see the book was action and fantasy. My overall feeling for this book pulls my attention to it. I want to keep looking for the next book.

  7. Hillhurst

    I thought this book really pulled you to finish it! I loved it because she wasn’t perfect! Like WHO likes a PERFECT character? Nobody, they don’t get into trouble or have happy moments, their life is just like a circle, always knowing what’s next, I LOVED Suri’s personality and she reminded me of myself! I LOVED this book! Please write more!


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