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2015 Nominee
Voted 19 out of 20

Buzz About Bees

By Kari-Lynn Winters. Published in 2013 by Fitzhenry & Whiteside

“Imagine a world without bees. Not only would it be less colourful — with fewer wildflowers and flowering plants — it would be less fruitful as well. A world without bees would mean a world where the food supply would be significantly diminished. Global bee researcher Laurence Packer estimates that bees are responsible for 1/3 of our food supply.”

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2 thoughts on “Buzz About Bees

  1. Agnes Davidson

    I realy liked this book it was inspiring and it made me think alot about the bees and how they help us. At first I thought bees wanted to hurt us but they don’t, There mostly peacful but if you desturbe them or if they feel thretend they will sting. I think its unfair that they have to die after they sting, Im thankful that bees exist and that they help us and every thing around us.

  2. Hillhurst

    Hi I am a student in Hillhurst school and I’m going to tell you my point of view on the book “Bees” this book is a Non-Fictional book that tells about bees obviously.

    This book was a so so book I’ve actually read better non-fictional books before. Here are some things that needed some work; I think that you need more information, add a page for puns rather than having titles with puns in them, you should make things more organized and neeter because I’ve noticed information on 1 page and then halfway through there’s more added to it, I also I found information repeating throughout the book, and I’m not saying its a bad thing but its not my style.

    Now for some things I liked; I really liked the puns because you rarely see puns related on this topic in a book, the images also fit in with the info. so that was pretty cool, there’s not a lot of things that I liked about this book (not to be offencive).

    Some things to work on; you could organize the book a lot better, and make it less repetitive. Also add a page for puns.

    Should I read this book sure if you’re desperately looking for a book about bees (not like its the only book) so thanks for reading my book review


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