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2018 Nominee

A Boy Named Queen

By Sara Cassidy. Published in 2016 by Groundwood Books

Despite being called A Boy Named Queen, this charming story is actually about a girl named Evelyn and her journey towards self-discovery. Evelyn lives with her parents in an extraordinarily structured life. On the last day of every summer vacation, the family dutifully scrubs the entire house and puts away all remaining vestiges of summer. They then go to buy Evelyn her new, practical loafers for the school year. Evelyn is careful and precise. She speaks quietly and enjoys math because “numbers always act as they should.” Her mother has told her to keep a damper on her imagination, and her fond wish for her daughter is that Evelyn becomes a government office worker. Into this sterile world bursts Queen. He is confident and witty, creative and quirky. Evelyn is drawn to his carefree spirit, and the two begin a friendship on their daily walk home from school.

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