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2017 Nominee
Voted 17 out of 20

Boy Asked the Wind

By Barbara Nickel. Published in 2015 by Red Deer Press

In this poetic picture book, a young boy (inspired by Barbara Nickel’s own inquisitive son) wonders where the wind lives. The wind “hummed” and “hammered” and answered the child’s question by taking him on a whirlwind journey around the world. Blowing across the Canadian prairies, the warm wind is called Chinook and “whistle[s] spring into the land”.

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24 thoughts on “Boy Asked the Wind

  1. Roxana.Albu

    This is an inspiring poem. It puts you in a different world. If your waiting for something or your bored or maybe even stressed. Find the time to read it,cause it is a good book and if you are actually stressed it will really calm you down. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. westglen wildcats

    I’d give this book 3 stars because the pictures were so well done as well as the characters. I’d give this book a 4 stars if it wasn’t such an easy read

  3. Grande Cache Municipal Library and Sonrise Christian School

    i think it was very interesting and i rate it a 4/5 because it a nice book and its good for grades 4,5,and 6 it was nice that it was a rhyme book to its easy to read and its very inspiring

  4. Grande Cache Municipal Library and Sonrise Christian School

    I liked the story because it was very cool how the boy asked the wind but the wind just kept on moving.

  5. Anonymous

    i thought it was a very nice book and one of my favourite books that we read so far and i hope we read a book that is even better and if there is a book better than i would love to read it.

  6. Grande Cache Municipal Library and Sonrise Christian School

    I love this book so much I would died for it. especially the reader sam

  7. General Stewart School

    this is such a beautiful book !It has such inspiring words and amazing sentences!!!!!!!!!I love everything about it!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!

  8. Grande prairie public library

    Honestly out of 10 I would give it a 8.5 just because it goes from happy to the war in a snap and out of no where.

  9. Grande prairie public library

    I thought this book was good but it is a silly thing to fallow the wind.BUT my favourite thing in this book is the pictures I like the tank picture and the giant fish ☠️

  10. westglen school

    I thought this was a good book because it was silly and was short. Plus the pictures were very detailed. I like how it goes from very happy to sadness very quickly.

  11. Westglen school

    It’s about a boy who asked the wind questions.But the wind won’t answer.The wind will only answer if the wind takes the boy across the world.As there on the trip across the world they both see many amazing things.

  12. Westglen school

    This book is interesting because it is short and the pictures were great. It is a great telling story. I recommed this book to people who like good storys and picture books.

  13. Westglen

    i would rate this book 4 stars because some of it is true but sometimes I am confused and its also adventurer.

  14. Westglen School

    It was a good book if you would want to see prarie or the buffalo and I would recommend this book for people who like calm stories and I would give this book 2 stars because it was very boring.


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