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2017 Nominee
Voted 19 out of 20

Beginner’s Guide to Immortality

By Maria Birmingham. Published in 2015 by Owl Kids

Is it possible to live forever? People have been trying to figure out a way to escape mortality since, well, forever. This book takes readers on a fast-paced tour of several wacky and wise methods humans have used to try prolonging their lives, from ancient immortality elixirs and quests for a fountain of youth to modern-day research into cryogenics and robotics.

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5 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Immortality

  1. Westglen School

    At first I only gave this book 3 stars but now that I’ve read it I now think I would give it 5 stars because there was a lot of good pieces of information in this book. I would recommend this book to Anyone who likes to read books that have long pages and likes the concept of immortality.

  2. Hillhurst School

    The Beginner’s Guide To Immortality is an interesting book about the science of how you can be immortal. It is a very scientific book and it does tell you the possibilities on how to do it. It’s very interesting and I think a lot of people will enjoy it. It is designed for people who want to know about science / science nerds!The purpose of the book was to teach people the science of immortality and I think it’s succeeded with that extremely well. It is a great way to learn the science of immortality and it’s fun.
    If you like science like me you will enjoy this a lot. You’ll be hooked by the first chapter and you will want to keep reading it. The illustrations are quite fun! I give it a 4 and a half Stars! I bet you’re wondering where the other half is? Well it’s in my eyes. 5 stars is like ultimate overlord so no half! It even includes myths of being immortal.If you like learning science you will enjoy this book very much. You’re not going to get bored Until the End hopefully.

  3. Hillhurst School

    A Beginners Guide To Immortality looked so EXCITING when I first looked at the cover and when I actually read it, I was wrong. I know that people would probably say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but actually, I found it was more exciting than I thought! The book provides 4 solutions to mortality: finding an elixir, finding a magic place, meet the experts, otherwise known as immortals, or wait for someone else to do those things. Each solution is a chapter full of fun facts, things found in studies, myths, timelines, and cool stuff! I think that this book is an awesome book and lot’s of people should read it. But I don’t think that being immortal is possible, and trying to become so is pointless. Lot’s of people have tried, and have ended up dying sooner than if they had not started seeking immortality. There is even a page in a book about this. In many stories, there are people who have achieved immortality but found it brought them great sadness. Yet instead of getting the true meaning of them, most people find something else that they think will lead to immortality, like in the story Happyaku Bikuni, a Japanese tale included in the book. Anyways, I still recommend this book for people who want to live forever.


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