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2010 Nominee
Voted 13 out of 20

Animals at the Edge

By By Jonathan Baillie . Published in 2008 by Maple Tree

In the absorbing pages of this trailblazing book, readers will meet eleven of the most extraordinary animals facing extinction on our planet. EDGE species are truly distinct and one of a kind. They are evolutionarily unique, which means that if they don’t survive there will be nothing similar left on Earth and our global biodiversity will be weakened forever.

But all hope is not lost. EDGE scientists and researchers are making progress all over the world, working hard to locate, create awareness about, and ensure a safe future for these amazing animals.

In Animals at the EDGE, readers will be introduced to real scientists and follow them on adventures that take them to the limits of the Earth, from the heights of the Cyclops Mountains in far away Papua, to the depths of the Yangtze River in China, to the forests of Haiti in the Caribbean, and the vast stretches of the Gobi Desert.

Through Jonathan and Marilyn Baillie’s exciting and accessibly-written narratives, accompanied by stunning and incomparable photography, readers will become acquainted with the most bizarre and phenomenal creatures facing extinction today.

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