Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Rocky Mountain Book Award?

The Rocky Mountain Book Award is a readers’ choice program, which invites students to choose the best book from a shortlist. This Alberta-based program is designed to motivate and stimulate the reading interests of students in grades 4-7. Students and educators are invited to read exemplary Canadian literature, and then the students vote for their favorite book. This award program is for schools, libraries, and interested groups of students. This may include children who are being home-schooled or families who wish to become involved in reading good Canadian children’s literature. Each reading group must have a teacher or adult leader.

How are the books on the short list chosen?

A committee of teachers, librarians, parents, and students select exemplary Canadian literature for students to read in grades 4-7. These books must have been published primarily in the last two years in Canada. The nominated titles sensitively portray a broad range of family, social, and cultural backgrounds.

How can I register for this Book Award program?

A teacher of adult leader must register students or a reading group electronically by January 22, 2018. You can register here to join this readers’ choice program. You will receive electronic confirmation of your registration. Registration begins at the end of each August.

Can I register as an individual participant?

No, you need to have a teacher or adult leader register for a group of students.

What is the minimum number of students to comprise a reading group?

A suggested minimum group of three students allows readers to interact with each other and discuss the books. There is no maximum size to a reading group.

Does it cost anything to participate in this program?

There is no fee to join this Book Award program. The only cost will be the purchasing of the 20 nominated books. Most libraries will also have copies of these books.

Where can the nominated books be bought?

The twenty books on the short list may be purchased from United Library Services or University of Lethbridge Book Store, the official distributors of the Rocky Mountain Book Award. The books can be purchased at a 20-30% discount at United Library Services or University of Lethbridge Book Store. See ordering information here. They can also be purchased from your local bookstore.

Do I need to register before I am allowed to vote?

Yes, registration for the Book Award must be received electronically by January 22, 2018.

Where can I find more information about the books?

You can find the short list of 20 books on the 2018 Nominees page.

How many books do I need to read to be able to vote for my favorite book?

Students must have read or have read aloud to them, a minimum of five books from the combined list of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. However, students should be encouraged to read as many of the titles as possible.

How and when do I vote for my favorite book?

Once you have registered, you have until April 20, 2018 to read a minimum of five books. The teacher or adult leader needs to submit the student votes electronically between March 19 and April 20, 2018, by filling out the electronic ballot form that will be found on this web site.

When is the winner of the Book Award announced?

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Book Award winner will be electronically announced on, April 25, 2018.

What does the winner of the Rocky Mountain Book Award get?

The author of the book with the most student votes will receive a medal especially designed for the Rocky Mountain Book Award.